Wash & Repair Services


Rugs should be cleaned every two to four years to maintain their beauty and value. Washing will restore the color and vibrancy of the fibers. Your rug is an investment that should bring you pleasure for many years, so treat it with care. We will pick up, professionally wash, and then delivery your rug back to you. Let us do all the heavy lifting to help you maintain your investment for years to come.



For the past 54 years of service, we are proud to say that every rug is authentic and handmade. Our experts can issue certified appraisals for your valued rugs that are included free of charge for all of our rugs.


We have an in-house staff of expert re-weavers and restoration specialists. The experienced weavers employ all types of colors to help in repairs. We are committed to helping you preserve the beauty and value of your rugs. Whatever your needs, we can recommend a solution that will fit your budget and constraints.